«User» zu vage? Versuchen Sie Personas!

Personas sind ein bewährtes Mittel, um sich die ominösen «User» per Steckbrief etwas greifbarer zu machen. Auf methodsandtools.com gibt es eine schöne Einführung in Personas von Sarah Lawfull, die auch beschreibt, wie sie Personas konstruiert:

If you are building killer apps time after time, your user base is growing, and time spent using your app is constantly increasing then this article is not for you. However, if within your company you have observed anything similar to the points in the list below, then this article could be good food for thought:
1. The CEO has the final say on what new features should be developed
2. Your application is bulging with features and led by the loudest voice focused on the passion of getting their idea developed
3. The product backlog is a long list of faceless features
4. Developers use their own perspective because there is no other reference
5. No real users feedback to shape and form the product
6. The term "User" means different things to different people

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